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* TANGOWEEK IN LA FRANCE 1 – 8 AUGUST will take place!
Classes and Salons for fixed couples.
info & reservation:

* Saturday 19 September
20-21 h Free Class Introduction Tango

21-1 h TangoSalon with DJ El Chino
admission 10 euro
STUDIO DE WIT, Baarsjesweg 202, 1057 HS Amsterdam


Gabriëlle Nederend & René Oey




tango holiday


TangoTalks…a dialogue without words…

Argentine Tango is an improvised dance, a subtle game between leader and follower in relation to the music.
Born in the late 19th century in Buenos Aires and Montevideo, Tango has taken the world by storm and is even now more popular than ever. Not only is Tango an exciting dance to watch, but also an adventure to practice yourself: to communicate with each other without words…
In 2002 Gabriëlle and René founded tangoschool TangoTalks in Amsterdam, based on traditional Argentine Tango. For the more advanced levels there is special attention for contemporary or so called neotango music and dance. Our dance-style is characterized by an eclectic use of traditional and contemporary elements, which is also reflected in our choice of music. In our classes we combine the close embrace with the open style – leaving space between the bodies – as well as exercises in improvisation with more complex dance moves.
In our view, dance is an translation and interpretation of the music: besides classical tango music we are interested in neotango and other danceable kinds of music. Our approach to tango intends to contribute to the development of an contemporary tango culture in the Netherlands.


tangotalks-rene-en-gabrielle-informatie-tango-amsterdam-11René Oey

René has been involved in Argentine Tango since its rediscovery in 1986 at the oldest tango dance school in the Netherlands, Tangoschool Amsterdam. He took classes with the legendary Antonio Todaro and Pepito Avellaneda during a visit to Buenos Aires in 1989. In Holland he took classes and worked together with his partner Wouter Brave.
René Oey and Gabriëlle Nederend, his dance partner since 1993, teach in numerous locations in Amsterdam, the Netherlands and in France. Since 2002 they run tangoschool TangoTalks, located in Amsterdam. Nowadays TangoTalks is based in their own studio in art center Meneer de Wit in Amsterdam. Besides his tango activities René works in this art center as artistic leader. Every summer René and Gabriëlle hold a tango course at a charming manoir L’Huys Préau in the French Burgundy.

tangotalks-rene-en-gabrielle-informatie-tango-amsterdam-21Gabriëlle Nederend

Gabriëlle started her dancing career in 1980 as a ballroom dancer, through which she discovered the joy, the energy  and inspiration of dancing in a pair. In 1993 René Oey linked her to Argentine Tango and they formed a dance couple.
Since 2000 they have been teaching and regularly perform at concerts and parties. Besides their own school in Amsterdam, they teach tango classes at High Schools in The Netherlands. In 2001 Gabriëlle performed as a showdancer with the orchestra of Danny Malando on tour in the Netherlands. Gabriëlle & René love to dance on live music; they performed together with Bien de Bute, Tiempo Sur, Trio Tangata, Mala Pinta, Trio Escapada and Kay Sleking. Since 2010 they tour with the tango-jazz band Tango Extremo in Holland and abroad.